my written statement for an online forum 2014

About the Life of a Painting 

.My approach begins before I get out the art tools. I find myself thinking about and playing with the ideas of forms and the way they relate to each other,,,repelling, attracting, and I think about it in colors and values until I have a "live" idea of what I want to express. Then I do some prep work on the canvas, usually. I like to start with bones..textural bones usually. Direction of strokes on a layer of gesso or textured paint and pushing around paint into a collection of marks that lead toward my mind's current play-field. I often start a few at once, feeling my way over several canvases with the moves I am making...like a dance...like music. The whole event or series of events around an abstract are a sort of drama that I begin and open and close the curtains to, maybe to a second act, or more. I live with my work almost literally... it sits out where I can look at it, like a new friend. Bedroom, studio...all have places to put the work in progress. Some days I take away from looking. Fresh eyes sort things out diferently. If I have succeeded at the first groanings of texture and color, the flow of the thing will stay with it, and I can pick up the intent and move with it. Sometimes they get stale and get abandoned. My work and I have a closed system, like a couple who figure out how to work together to get to a good place, a good rhythm that suits us. It is my friend, my opponent, my problem to solve, and my frustration, just as a living person can be. When I'm done, I stray away, like a hard-hearted lover. The event is over, and I love play with new ideas.. But I visit, and re-enjoy what was. I seldom pick up something I've worked on and finished and think I should go there again. It's a blessing and a curse. But it's what I love to do, and so I do better at it simply because I keep practicing it. 


that are Keepers

Nice mentions in press, comments and recommendations

from Marcus McClanahan, of The Painter's Tongue

 "I have had the immense pleasure, and benefit, of getting to know Susan Holland and enjoying her warm wit and humor. Susan's artistic range is astounding—a serious artist who finds her masterful voice in many mediums.
Susan is a leader, an organizer, and she has a keen ability to clearly articulate difficult concepts. I am honored, and humbled, to have the opportunity to express my admiration for such a multitalented, and multifaceted artist, whom I place in such high regard.


Susan has been making art since she could pick up a pencil.

After seventy plus years at it, she is not weary of it at all!  

Seehttp://about.me/susangholland.artstudio for details.  Thank you.

from Ancient Artist.typepad.com

  "I've recently been in contact with Susan Holland, a 73 year-old artist with the energy and enthusiasm of somene loser to 37...." (read on)